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Ceramic-metal prosthetics

The metal-ceramic structure is based on a metal insert 0.5 mm thick, but on the outside it is covered with ceramics. Frequently used materials are alloys of nickel with cobalt and chromium, and precious metals such as gold and platinum are also used. The most effective protection for lateral chewing teeth.

Features of cermet prosthetics:

  • Close resemblance to healthy teeth, in functional significance
  • Attractive appearance
  • Due to the metal content in the structure, harmful bacteria do not focus on the use of the prosthesis

It is an ideal solution for prosthetics in case of tooth damage over 50%. When used correctly, they are very reliable and durable

The process of manufacturing ceramic-metal prostheses:

It starts with taking a mold from the operated surface and preparing the gum for the prosthesis. The next step is the formation of a metal insert, the material selection is taken into account. A ceramic base is applied to the finished insert under the influence of high temperature. The final step is to install the finished structure

In addition to all the advantages of ceramic-metal prosthetics, there are also disadvantages. The latter include incompatibility with already affected surfaces of carious foci, metal transillumination through ceramics. It is also not recommended for people with mental disorders, women during pregnancy.

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