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Therapeutic dentistry - a section in dentistry that solves problems in the treatment of caries, as well as the consequences of this disease, as well as non-carious lesions of hard tissues (wedge-shaped defects, enamel erosion, fluorosis, pathological tooth erasure, traumatic tooth injuries).

SNK DENTISTRY (on Timiryazevskaya) offers you the services of therapeutic dentistry:

  • Treatment of periodontal disease (caries, pulpitis, periodontitis and others);
  • Treatment of gum disease (bleeding, gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease);
  • Restoration of tooth enamel, tooth defects, chips, cracks, etc.);
  • Prevention of dental diseases (caries, periodontitis, bleeding gums).

Caries is a progressive defect in hard tissues caused by the action of plaque bacteria and their waste products.

Pulpitis is an inflammation of the neurovascular bundle (pulp). Most often it is a complication of caries, and may also be the result of improper actions by a doctor. It can also be caused by trauma - breaking off part of the crown, fracture. It can be caused by a temperature factor or chemical (acid, alkali). The main symptom is spontaneous acute pain.

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the periodontal tissues surrounding the root. It can develop after the treatment of caries, if the foci of infection were not completely eliminated. Today, such situations, fortunately, are quite rare.

Gingivitis is gum disease accompanied by swelling, redness, and bleeding.

Periodontitis is an inflammation of periodontal tissues characterized by progressive destruction of the normal structure of the alveolar ridge of the jaw.

Periodontal disease - is of primary dystrophic nature. With periodontal disease, there is a violation of the trophism (nutrition) of the bone tissue of the jaw and periodontal tissues (impaired renewal, impaired blood supply to the gums.

The main task is painless treatment, the use of modern, most effective tooth-preserving methods.

Doctors of our clinic carry out treatment and restoration of teeth using modern technology. We have widely used various methods of modern endodontics, which allow you to make the right choice for different clinical situations.

Our experts perform mandatory radiological quality control!

Planning for implant treatment
Oral Hygiene Training 500 rubles
Professional hygiene (ultrasonic cleaning, mechanical - 1 tooth) 300 rubles
Professional oral hygiene Air-Flow - 1 tooth 250 rubles
Professional hygiene of dentures based on implants (1 implant) 500 rubles
Comprehensive professional oral hygiene 5500 rub.
Whitening (1 tooth) using a Zoom lamp (without cost of material) 1200 rub.
Chemical whitening "Opalecsence" 11500 rub.
Internal chemical whitening (1 tooth), without the cost of temporary and permanent fillings 1,500 rubles
The use of remineralizing and fluorine-containing drugs of foreign production (1 tooth) 800 rubles
Deep fluoridation of 1 tooth with imported drugs 500 rubles
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