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Children's gingivitis

Gingivitis is a disease of the marginal part of the gum that is closely adjacent to the tooth. Most often, gingivitis occurs in children at the time of the biological processes associated with the growth and morphological development of teeth.

Cause of disease.

The main reason is poor oral hygiene and an increased content of bacteria in the form of plaque on the teeth. Also, the factors of the disease can include violations of the dentition, crowding of teeth, shortening of the frenulum. It may occur due to mechanical damage.

what is gingivitis?

This disease is divided into acute and chronic forms. Also, according to the degree of damage, it can be divided into local and generalized character (in this form, most of the gum is affected).

< h3>Symptoms:
  • Bleeding
  • Puffiness
  • Hyperemia
  • gum Disease.

Forms of gingivitis:

  • Hypertrophic
  • Ulcerative
  • Atrophic

Diagnosis of the disease:

Diagnosis is based on the study of deposits on the teeth, as well as dental stones. Gingivitis is accompanied by the absence of gingival pockets and violations of the dentoalveolar junction.


the treatment stage includes oral sanitation, the fight against carious lesions. You may also need a plastic bridle. The stage begins with professional oral hygiene. An important role in the treatment of gingivitis is played by vitamin therapy, the correct diet and the nature of nutrition (limiting carbohydrates, eating enough fruits and vegetables).

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