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Dental surgeon

Surgical dentistry is one of the most important sections of general dentistry, the competence of which includes a whole range of techniques aimed at preserving the natural dentition through surgical intervention. Surgical dental treatment includes a wide range of manipulations, such as:

  • Tooth extraction;
  • Oral and maxillofacial operations
  • Aesthetic operations
  • Bone grafting
  • Implantation
  • Plastic bridle

Specialists at the SNK STOMATOLOGY clinic use cardinal methods of treatment-tooth extraction, only if it is impossible to save the tooth.

Surgical intervention is used only after a comprehensive dental examination and data obtained during radiography of the affected teeth.

The tasks of the dental surgeon:

  • Making a diagnosis based on the findings
  • Whenever possible, tooth rescue
  • Removing Dental Unit Components
  • Undergoing anesthesia
  • Preparation for prosthetics
  • Treatment of pathologies in the organization of bones
  • Puffiness removal and treatment of periodontal pockets
  • Aesthetic special preparation of the tooth.

Surgical treatment of oral diseases is carried out by leading specialists in their field. Only innovative equipment, modern materials and medicines are used. Specialists of the SNK STOMATOLOGIYA clinic conduct tooth-preserving operations at the highest level of quality, using innovative equipment, materials and preparations of the latest generation in their work. The unique experience in operative dentistry guarantees an excellent result, regardless of the complexity of the clinical case.

The dentist surgeon should be consulted in the following cases:

  • With congenital or acquired pathologies of the jaw.
  • When injuring the maxillofacial apparatus.
  • For trimming bridles, restoring normal speech functions.
  • Preparation for implantation and plastic surgery of the gums.
Diagnostic procedures
Bandage 200 rubles
Stitching (per 1 stitch) 300 rubles
Removing stitches (1 stitch) 300 rubles
Therapies and interventions
Deciduous tooth extraction 1,500 rubles
Removal simple (3-4 degrees of mobility) 1000 rubles
Removing a single-root tooth 3000 rubles
Tooth extraction of complexity category 1 2,000 rubles
Removing a multi-root tooth / complexity level 2 4000 rubles
Removing a multi-root tooth of complexity category 3 6,200 rubles
Extraction of a Distressed Tooth 5000 rubles.
Complex tooth extraction (with root separation) 7800 rub.
Removal of a single-root tooth treated previously with resorcinol by the formalin method 8000 rub.
Extraction of a multi-root tooth of a previously treated resorcinol with the formalin method 10,000 rubles
Removal of a retined, distoped or supernumerary tooth 10,000 rubles
Removing erupted dystopian or oversized teeth in children under 12 3000 rubles
Stop Hole Bleeding 1000 rubles
Surgical treatment of alveolitis 1000 rubles
Surgical treatment of pericoronitis (excision of the "hood") 3000 rubles
Periostotomy (intraoral incision with periostitis) 3800 rub.
Dissection of the abscess 1000 rubles
Dissection of the boil 1000 rubles
Stop Bleeding from Soft Tissues 2,000 rubles
Sequestrectomy 8000 rub.
Hemisection 6000 rubles
Root Amputation 6000 rubles
Alveolotomy in the area of ​​1 tooth 2,300 rubles
Alveolotomy in the area of ​​several teeth; plus for each tooth 1,500 rubles
Removal of fibromatous growths of the vestibule of the oral cavity in the region of 1-3 teeth 10,000 rubles
Elimination of a single exostosis 2,000 rubles
Cystotomy in the region. 1-2 teeth 5000 rubles
Cystotomy in the region. 3 or more teeth 8000 rub.
Cystectomy in the region. 1-2 teeth 9000 rubles
Cystectomy in the region. 3 or more teeth 10,000 rubles
Gingivectomy in the region. 1 tooth 1,500 rubles
Removal of calculus from the duct of the salivary gland (throughout the duct) 6000 rubles
Removal of calculus from the duct of the salivary gland (from the mouth of the duct) 3000 rubles
Removal of the retention cyst of the mucous membrane 4000 rubles
Removal of soft tissue benign neoplasms of the oral mucosa, skin, subcutaneous tissue of the face and neck 5000 rubles
Bandaging after surgery 500 rubles
Re-inspection 300 rubles
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