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Caries treatment

Treatment of caries still causes fear in most people because the dentists office is often associated with various painful and unpleasant memories. The use of innovative, advanced methods and technology in our practice, SNK DENTISTRY, guarantees patients the treatment of caries is absolutely safe and almost painless. Any dental procedures in our dentistry are always impeccable and carried out in the highest quality. In the treatment of caries, we use only the most effective, efficient methods. By delaying the treatment of caries, you “start” the problem and this will lead to pulpitis with serious acute complications in the future.

In dentistry, "SNK DENTISTRY" caries treatment is painless

The equipment used in our dentistry "SNK DENTISTRY" is always cutting edge. Our specialists & dentists are the most experienced and famous in our city. We use only the latest anesthesia technologies, unique anesthetics, and improved material for fillings. Thanks to the above, the treatment of caries is carried out with us, not only almost painlessly, but also much more quickly than many other dental practices. In our dentistry, any dental problems are solved in a qualified manner, with high quality, and a minimum risk of discomfort.

In stomatology SNK in Timiryazevskaya, caries treatment is carried out in stages

Caries treatment is generally carried out in two main stages. First, enamel and dentin are removed on which there are carious lesions. Next, a tooth shape is reconstructed by filling it. Naturally, the quality of caries treatment depends on the professionalism of the dentist and the quality of the filling material. This material is selected by the patient on the basis of those proposed by the dentist after diagnosis, examination of the teeth and determination of the degree of form of caries, which can be medium or deep. The durability of the seals also largely depends on the observance of important rules after their installation, such as: hygienic daily procedures for cleaning them and refusal to chew toffee, nuts, etc - especially hard, viscous products.

Sealing the fissures of the teeth
Closure of 1 fissure with a chemically-cured material sealant 750 rubles
Closure of 1 fissure with light-curing material sealant 1200 rub.
Closing one fissure with glass ionomer cement sealant 500 rubles
Dissection of one fissure 300 rubles


Temporary filling
Water Dentin 150 rub.
Dentin Paste 500 rubles
Light Curing Seal 800 rubles
Crown seal 2,000 rubles
Light-cured composites, imported materials
Caries enamel, dentin (one surface) 3600 rub.
Caries enamel, dentin (two surfaces) 4400 rub.
Caries of dentin (two or more surfaces) 5000 rubles
Aesthetic restoration of the tooth 5600 rub.
Production of veneer, direct method 8000 rub.
Restoration of the destroyed coronal part (including cavities according to the MOD) from photopolymer composites 8000 rub.
Polishing fillings as an independent procedure 300 rubles
Overlay pads
Laying a treatment pad 300 rubles
Insulating cement strip 200 rubles
Insulating glass-ionomer cement gasket (importation) 400 rubles
Light-curing cement insulating strip 500 rubles
Insulating gasket or seal made of flowable composite 600 rubles
Removing a seal
Of Amalgam 400 rubles
Cement or polymer 300 rubles
Trepanation of a stamped metal crown 500 rubles
Trepanation of cast metal, cermet crown (without guarantee of safety) 1000 rubles
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