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Dental prosthetics, unambiguously, solve many problems arising from the loss of teeth. First of all, this is the opportunity to fully communicate without constantly accompanying thoughts about the ugliness of your teeth, your smile or bad breath. Equally important is the return of the opportunity to enjoy your favorite foods - and not think about how to chew it. Dental prosthetics also return normal diction and stops deformation of the face in the lower jaw area,which, if delayed with dental prosthetics, can be irreversible. With the restoration of teeth, your smile will return, which means your everyday mood throughout life will be improved.

In dentistry "SNK DENTISTRY" dental prosthetics - this is our mission.

We have performed prosthetics for tens of thousands of patients. Eight out of ten of our clients have all of their dental problems solved with us because they know that it is always beneficial to use one clinic. Dental prosthetics are carried out individually, both separately and in combination with treatment to the prevention of tooth loss. SNK Dentistry employs the best dental implantologists in the city. Complicated operations with dental prosthetics are performed under anesthesia. The range of implants offered is wide, from different, PROVEN manufacturers. This allows the patient to choose implants based on their financial capabilities.

In dentistry "SNK DENTISTRY", prosthetics are carried out in stages

Dental prosthetics, regardless of the installed prosthetic design, are always carried out in four main stages. First, a thorough diagnosis is performed, which on the basis of the information of the implantologist, the patient selects a suitable option for dental restoration. Next, carious teeth and gums are treated with the preparation of supports for the installation of prostheses. Also, if necessary, at the second stage, artificial roots are implanted. Next, casts are taken on which dentures are made. At the last stage, dentures are installed and adjusted.

Prosthetics non-metal ceramics CAD / CAM

Zirconia-based prosthetics

All-ceramic crowns E-MAX

Ceramic-metal prosthetics

Adhesive prosthetics

Removable dentures
Removable plastic prosthesis with 1-2 teeth 10,000 rubles
Partial removable-laminar denture for more than 2 teeth 18,000 rubles
Complete denture made of plastic with 14 teeth on the upper jaw 25,000 rubles
Full denture made of plastic with 14 teeth on the lower jaw 27,000 rubles
Relaxation (uncoupling) tire with a plastic base and 2 clasps, taking into account correction and control of treatment for up to three months 12,000 rubles
Clinic plastic protective plate 4000 rubles
Relocation of a removable denture in the laboratory 5000 rubles
Reinforcement of a removable prosthesis at the manufacturing stage (plus the cost of the prosthesis) 4000 rubles
Silicone lining 5000 rubles
Replacing the sleeve of the lock of the removable prosthesis in the clinic (without the cost of the sleeve) 1,500 rubles
Immediate prosthesis (in addition to the price of the corresponding removable plastic plate prosthesis) 2,000 rubles
Kappa for teeth whitening on 1 jaw 5100 rub.
Cover removable prosthesis, spherical system 35,000 rubles
Flexy-Nylon nylon prosthesis 40,000 rub.
Partial nylon prosthesis Flexy-Nylon 1-3 teeth 15,000 rubles
Clasp dentures
Clasp prosthesis (simple) 45,000 rubles
Partial nylon prosthesis Flexy-Nylon 1-3 teeth 55,000 rubles
Clasp prosthesis with locks "Bredent" 50,000 rub.
Clasp prosthesis Quatrotti 38,000 rubles
Fixed prostheses
Gum retraction (with retraction floss) in the area of ​​1 tooth " 500 rubles
Dentin sealing of the prepared vital tooth " 350 rubles
Temporary crown (facet) plastic, (kappa) made in the laboratory for 1 unit CAD | CAM » 2100 rub.
Temporary crown (facet) plastic, (kappa) made in the laboratory for long-term wear (up to 2 years) for 1 unit CAD | CAM » 3000 rubles
Temporary plastic crown (facet), (kappa) made in the laboratory with support on the implant for 1 unit CAD | CAM » 2500 rubles
Temporary crown (facet) plastic (kappa) made in the clinic in a matrix manner for 1 unit. 1000 rubles
Temporary composite crown (kappa) 1 unit made in the clinic in a matrix way " 2,000 rubles
Waxing Planning (WAX-UP) 1 unit » 700 rubles
Relocation of temporary crowns (mouthguards) 1 unit. " 250 rubles
Stump tab with solid cast pin, made in a direct way " 5500 rub.
Stump tab with solid cast pin, indirectly manufactured 7000 rubles
Stump tab with pin made of zirconia 10,000 rubles
Stump tab with a pin made of precious metals (silver-palladium alloy) 9000 rubles
One-piece pin-stump collapsible tab 8000 rub.
Cast crown (or cast tooth) made of cobalt-chrome alloy 6000 rubles
Ceramic-metal crown or tooth (facet) based on base metal alloys 12,000 rubles
Cermet (facet) cermet during prosthetics on implants for 1 unit (without abutment cost) 24,000 rubles
Ceramic-metal crown with transocclusion fixation for prosthetics on implants for 1 unit (without abutment cost) 26,000 rubles
Ceramic-metal crown with shoulder, gingival mass based on base metal alloys 14,000 rubles
Crown, veneer, tab made by non-metal technologies E-MAX 20,000 rub.
Crown, inlay, metal prostheses based on zirconium dioxide-free technologies 26,000 rubles
Crown, tab, metal-free prostheses based on zirconia based on implant 35,000 rubles
Repairing dentures
Clinic prosthesis correction 1000 rubles
Clinic restoration of a ceramic cladding or facet with a light curing composite material (1 unit) 3500 rub.
Repairing a removable plastic plate denture (crack, fracture) 4,500 rubles
Replacing or installing in the prosthesis 1 additional tooth made of plastic or clasp 4,500 rubles
Relocation of the base of a removable prosthesis made of plastic in the clinic 4000 rubles
Repair, relocation of the prosthesis from Flexy-Nylon 9000 rubles
Welding or replacing 1 tooth with Flexy-Nylon prosthesis 5000 rubles
Working with a personal articulator
Setting the position of the upper jaw in the articulator using the front arch and adjusting the articulator to an individual function using silicone occlusal rollers 6500 rub.
Formation of an extraoral registrar in the articulator for recording movements of the lower jaw on the occlusal surfaces of models placed in the articulator 1,500 rubles
Registration of the central ratio of the jaws using the intraoral functiograph or AOCO 5000 rubles
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