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All-ceramic crowns E-MAX

Ceramic crowns using E Max technology are a truly high-tech and affordable way to solve a variety of medical issues. Crowns of this kind are also in great demand among our patients. The all-ceramic design of the E-max opens up extensive possibilities for various methods in modern medical practice. E-max crowns suggest an all-ceramic construction based on compounds of zirconium oxide or glass ceramics. This technology is an all-ceramic system with a high component of the leucite element.

Features of all-ceramic crowns E-max

In addition to all of the above, this technology has several advantages:

  • Natural aesthetics and light transmission
  • Extensive application of this technology worldwide
  • Restoration of damaged teeth
  • Easy to carry
  • Quick adaptation to dentures
  • Oral Tissue Compatibility
  • Long-wearing reliability
  • The absence of allergic manifestations
  • Doesn't need special teeth grinding

Production process:

  • Preparation of casts of the operated surface
  • Making a gypsum base
  • Creating a WoxUp Wax Design
  • As a result of firing the mold, the product is pressed
  • Pollination and application of ceramic mass of the crown and its processing in the furnace
  • Completion of the product by coating components and spraying dyes IPS E.max, Ceram, Shade
  • Probably the only drawback of products using Emax technology is the rather high cost, but the properties of this kind of prosthetics justify your costs.

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