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Prosthetics with non-metal ceramics CAD / CAM

Prosthetics based on the CEREC CAD / CAM system.

This system represents the latest technology that allows you to efficiently, quickly and most importantly reliably create structures for prosthetics. The work itself takes place on a special milling machine, which receives a 3-D model made using a compact and accurate scanner.

Features of the CEREC system:

  • Minimum time, high quality and long life
  • A clear repetition of the forms of dental units, in this regard, the installation process does not cause discomfort
  • The prosthesis has an all-ceramic shell, attractive appearance and is completely harmless and compatible with the biological functions of the oral cavity.
Production is done automatically, the specialist only needs to take pictures of the operated surface and select the material.

Production and installation technologies:

  • It all starts with an examination of the teeth for the presence of damaging diseases and getting rid of them. In the future, the dentist proceeds to surface treatment for prosthetics.
  • Using a compact camera, the doctor takes the size of the tooth and transfers them to the computer. Next, the CAD / CAM 3-D modeling system is used, as a result of which all individual features of the oral cavity are taken into account and the system itself completes the missing parts of the tooth for the prosthesis.
  • Then the resulting model is transferred to a specialized milling machine. Further, the structure itself is machined from the materials selected by the specialist.
  • Installation on the surface is carried out by applying special dental cement to the abutment tooth and fixing the structure to it.
The CEREC system is an innovative, and most importantly reliable method of prosthetics. The only drawback of this method is the high cost of procurement material.

Other prosthetics options:

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