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Zirconia-based prosthetics

Zirconia prostheses are a high-tech dental structure, distinguished by its strength and convenience.

Such a system is perfect not only for the front, but also the posterior chewing teeth. They correspond exactly to the dentition and therefore they have no equal among analogues. The period of use, observing the recommendations of a specialist is 16 years and above, due to its very solid construction. The maintenance is straightforward, since caring for them is similar to standard dental care.

Advantages of Zirconia:

  • The most suitable method for prosthetics of “living” teeth, since zirconium being a thermal insulator prevents a sharp temperature drop.
  • Hypoallergenic, do no harm and are suitable both for the oral cavity and for the whole organism.
  • Due to their light transmittance, crowns look like natural teeth.
  • Using the most accurate computer technology, they are ideal and fit to the tooth (CAD / CAM modeling).
  • Dentures are protected from damage.
  • Does not harm the gum at the place of their contact.
  • The design has an aesthetic appearance due to the zirconium shell and ceramic coating.

Technological process:

  • Copying the dentition for an impression.
  • 3D moderation of the work surface.
  • Creating an individual prosthesis from a special material using a specialized milling machine.
  • With the help of modern technology, a manual installation of the prosthesis is performed.

The disadvantages of zirconium prostheses are the individual characteristics of the dentition and the state of health in connection with past diseases. At our clinic you can get the necessary advice.

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