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You need to start dental treatment in a timely manner, otherwise you risk losing a tooth. A single tooth is easier and cheaper to treat than to carry out complex surgical operations to pereserve the tooth or even remove the tooth as a result of not being treated. In order to lessen the need for frequent dental treatment it is necessary to carefully monitor oral hygiene and periodically carry out professional brushing (at least once every 6 months). The inexpensive professional brushing procedure allows you to save a decent amount of money you would otherwise spend on dental treatment.

Of course, for perfect high-quality dental treatment, certain requirements must be met both for the equipment of the dental clinic, the quality of materials, and the professionalism of doctors:

If you are offered to repair to a seal very cheaply, then the following risks are possible:

- Cheap materials. This will lead to the fragility of the delivered filling, the filling will have to be replaced soon enough, which means that before setting up a new filling, healthy tooth tissues will have to be additionally removed, which will increase the size of the tooth cavity, and ultimately lead to a more expensive treatment - the installation of a crown. Also with cheaper materials it is impossible to make the seal aesthetic and convenient - there will be no fissures, there will be no color, the seal will shrink much faster.

- Low level dentistry. If a seal is put on by a layman, then very soon it will have to be replaced with a crown, since the tooth cavity during processing will be enlarged beyond what was needed. Additional joint problems are also possible. A competent doctor will take your bite into account, an inexperienced doctor will simply put a seal without taking into account the subtleties that he simply does not know.

With cheap canal treatment, the risks of additional costs and harm to health increase significantly:

- Cheap materials. If you canal the canals with cheap materials, and still not very high quality, then the second tooth treatment will be already be very difficult and much more expensive. There is an option that the channels will be sealed with cheap cement so that the tooth will not respond to treatment at all.

- Low level of dentist. Canals can be sealed loosely, not to the top of the tooth. This will automatically shorten the construction life In the canal, an inexperienced doctor can break instruments, and do not tell you anything about it, this will soon lead to the need for retreatment of canals. The worst thing is the perforation of a tooth, when the doctor exits the canal when the canals pass. In this case, the way out of the situation is only tooth extraction. Very often, the doctor simply won’t tell you about it, will fill in what happened, and say that everything went fine. But very soon, when the tooth becomes ill, you will find out about this, most likely already in another, more expensive and better dentistry.

- Lack of necessary equipment. In order for you to understand that you need treatment of the tooth canals, and not just filling, you need to look at the targeted image of the tooth and make sure that the treatment of the canals is really necessary. Also, to check the quality of treatment of the tooth canals, it is necessary to look at the targeted image of the tooth after treatment. If you are not offered to see tooth images before and after treatment, then with a high probability you are simply deceived.

The main areas of therapeutic dentistry (dental treatment):

  • caries treatment
  • pulpitis treatment
  • periodontitis treatment

Think for yourself, because dental treatment is a necessary procedure to save your teeth for your beauty and your health. If a tooth is left untreated, its condition will not improve without dental assistance. And if a tooth is not treated for a long time, of course, you will simply lose it.

Dissection of the tooth cavity in acute condition 1000 rubles
Pulpitis treatment (per channel) 2000 rubles
Periodontitis treatment (per one channel) 3000 rubles
Instrumental and drug treatment of one channel 600 rubles
Repeated drug treatment of one root canal 400 rubles
Filling a channel
Canal filling with pastes 600 rubles
Apexification and closure of perforation in the area of the bottom of the cavity and the walls of the root canal (with a hole) 2500 rubles
Sealing with gutta-percha pins by lateral condensation of 1 channel 1000 rubles
Thermophile filling 2000 rubles
Temporary canal filling with calcium-containing preparations (1 channel) 800 rubles
Unsealing (complete) of root canals filled earlier
Resorcinol-formalin paste 1700 rub.
Zinc oxide-eugenol paste 1000 rubles
Phosphate Cement 1500 rubles
Gutta-percha pins 800 rubles
Preparation of the root canal for the stump tab of cement paste gutta-percha 1000 rubles
Preparation of the root canal for the stump tab of the filled resorcinol-formalin paste 1400 rub.
Installing and fixing the fiberglass pin 2500 rubles
Installing and fixing the anchor pin 1200 rub.
Foreign body extraction
Root canal pin 1000 rubles
Extraction of fragments of endodontic instruments 1500 rubles
Oral Hygiene Training 500 rubles
Professional oral hygiene for periodontal diseases (complex treatment) 12000 rubles
Professional oral hygiene 8000 rub.
Removal of dental plaque in the area of one tooth 2000 rubles
Dental Removal - One Quadrant 1500 rubles
Removal of dental deposits of all teeth of the oral cavity 5400 rub.
Closed curettage (one tooth) 750 rubles
Closed curettage of one quadrant 4100 rub.
Drug treatment of one periodontal pocket 200 rubles
Applying a periodontal bandage in the area of one tooth (domestic) 100 rubles
Applying a periodontal bandage in the area of one tooth (imported) 600 rubles
Application of the oral mucosa with “solcoseryl adhesive paste” up to 1 cm. 330 rubles
Application of medicinal products of 1 tooth 200 rubles
Selective grinding of 1 tooth 550 rubles
Selective grinding of all teeth according to Jenkelson 3800 rub.
Splinting of mobile teeth
Temporary splinting with composite materials of chemical curing in the area of 6 teeth; 5000 rubles
Permanent splinting in the area of 1 tooth using Ribbon (Fiber-Splint or others) 1500 rubles
Periodontal Surgery
Vestibuloplasty of the lower lip 6000 rubles
Upper lip frenum plastic 3000 rubles
Tongue frenum plastic 6500 rub.
Plastic frenum using oncoming triangular flaps 10000 rubles
Excision of additional cords (single) 1500 rubles
Deepening the vestibule of the oral cavity in the area of 6 teeth 6800 rub.
Deepening the vestibule of the oral cavity in the area of 10 to 12 teeth 9500 rub.
Opening of periodontal abscess 1000 rubles
Removal of periodontal cyst 3000 rubles
Gingivectomy (excision of hypertrophied gums) in the area of 1 tooth 800 rubles
Gingivectomy in the area of each subsequent tooth 1000 rubles
Gingivoplasty with local tissue 1500 rubles
Assistant surgeon during surgery 2500 rubles
Instrumental and drug treatment of one channel 600 rubles
Repeated drug treatment of one root canal 400 rubles

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