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Orthodontist Dentist

Dentist-orthodontist is a doctor specializing in the removal of maxillofacial pathologies. His profile includes the treatment of congenital, acquired or hereditary changes.

The most common forms of disease:

  • Change in dentition bite;
  • Disorders in the oral cavity as a result of which breathing is difficult;
  • Not symmetrical arrangement of the maxillofacial apparatus;
  • Pathologies of the functions responsible for the chewing process and speech;

The specialist, communicating with the patient, determines the nature of the disease and the form. Then, with the help of modern technologies, the doctor eliminates the problem by analyzing and determining the best treatment plan.

Orthodontic equipment:

  • Treyrens are dental burls that corrects not significant curvature of the dentition. In the process of wearing, trainers are replaced, from softer to stiffer;
  • Plates - a system of plastic and metal components used to correct a bite. Commonly used to consolidate the effect after wearing braces;
  • Eliners are thin, transparent dental burls. Used to consolidate the result of wearing braces. The appearance makes the eliners almost invisible;

Not removable:

  • Braces - a system designed to align the dentition, correct bite, crowding and eliminate interdental spaces. Materials such as metal, ceramics, and sapphire elements are used to base the design;
  • Retainers - a metal arc fixed to the back of the teeth. It is used to preserve the wearing of other designs. Very practical, because they do not require supervision by a specialist;

Other specialists:

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