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Lack of teeth and at least one tooth is a problem of both aesthetic and medical nature. Due to the absence of one tooth, not only psychological discomfort may appear, but also diseases that can be difficult to eliminate for a long time to develop.

The absence of a dentition or one or two teeth carries many dangers. This is not surprising - it is the teeth that are considered the ideal mechanism for natural nutrition, which Mother Nature has created. Therefore, in the absence of teeth there is a danger:

  1. The development of malocclusion. The jaw without a full dentition automatically "adapts" to new conditions, shifts to maintain balance and not use ineffective parts of the oral cavity
  2. The development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The absence of one or several teeth leads to improper chewing of food - it does not cease to enter the body in the right form and, therefore, the load on the stomach and other organs increases
  3. The appearance of psychological and physical discomfort. This becomes a problem when there are no front teeth or fangs - a person who is shy, smiles less, closes himself

If you put all these dangers together, you get a fairly extensive list of risks that people take after losing their teeth.

Any problem of partial and complete absence of teeth can be solved simply and as individually as possible with the help of competent prosthetics. When you contact our clinic, you will find attention and comfort, as well as solutions that are right for you. Our clinic SNK DENTISTRY and a competent team of doctors will offer you a treatment plan, a choice of structural materials and will conduct treatment in the shortest possible time to restore the integrity of the dentition and get a harmonious smile. Your health is in our competence!


Dental prosthetics can be different and depends on the age of the patient, his problems and individual preferences. Depending on this, the necessary prosthetics technology is selected - and it can be:

Fixed prosthetics

Fixed prosthetics - the best way out when you need to restore the integrity of the dentition by inserting several teeth.

Its main advantages are:

  • Long life. On average, it is about 10 years
  • The most natural look. Modern ceramic-metal prostheses are difficult to distinguish from your own teeth
  • The ability to restore a tooth, from which only the root remains, and "make" a new tooth
  • Durability - most crowns and bridges are made of cermet

Fixed prosthetics have many advantages - and, despite the rather high cost, it gives the most important thing - a feeling of naturalness and comfort. Also, this type of prosthetics is ideal for restoring the dentition in adulthood, but only in cases where the remaining teeth have strong roots and are not damaged.

Fixed prosthetics include bridge-shaped and conventional crowns made of cermet. Also, fixed prosthetics is the installation of veneers, inlays and onlays, implants, which allows minimally affecting the remaining teeth and preserving the maximum naturalness of the dentition.


Any dental service is an important and very responsible process that affects your health and attractiveness. That is why most dental procedures (such as dental prosthetics, occlusion correction) often use cermet.

What is cermet?

Cermet used in dentistry, usually consists of several layers. The inner layer, the base, is a metal frame (regular or precious), which is used as the basis of the future crown frame. A thin layer of ceramic is applied to this base, which gives these prostheses an attractive and natural look.

It is the top layer that pays much attention - despite the fact that it is rather thin, the ceramic part of the structure is usually strong. Attention is also paid to the color of the product - most dental cermets are selected based on the color of the patient’s teeth, their transparency and structure. This is the only way to achieve maximum naturalness of the teeth.

The advantages of cermet

Cermet has many advantages - and here are just a few of them.

  • Identity of natural enamel. It is metal ceramics that most resembles healthy teeth, of course, subject to the right selection of colors and textures.
  • Perfect comfort while eating. The properties of cermets - its strength and structure, provide the most natural chewing of food, sometimes better than using your own teeth.
  • Protection against gum and root disease. On ceramic ceramics, bacteria practically do not multiply (subject to constant care), which prevents the occurrence of diseases of the gums and tooth roots.
  • Durability. With proper care and regular visits to the dentist, cermet can last about 15 years - that is, almost as much as an average static tooth.
  • Cermet dental products are available to customers with any budget, unlike other materials.

As you can see, cermet is a simple and, at the same time, an effective tool to achieve a dream - a perfect smile. But this will become possible if you turn to professionals who:

  • Use only high-quality cermets
  • Know how to work with this material

It is such specialists who work in our clinic SNK DENTISTRY on Timiryazevskaya. Your health is in our competence!

But this type of prosthetics is suitable only if a small number of teeth is missing or healthy, strong roots are preserved. For other cases, including complete absence of teeth, it is recommended to pay attention to removable prosthetics.

Removable and conditionally removable prosthetics

Removable and conditionally removable prosthetics are the most popular way to restore teeth. It is sad, but most people think about prosthetics too late - when there is nothing to restore and there is only one way out.

But, of course, removable prosthetics helps make life easier and also has its own characteristics. These include:

  • Strength. Most removable dentures are made from durable materials.
  • Maximum naturalness. To achieve this, the doctor selects the appropriate shape and color of the prosthesis, as well as a design that matches the structure of the jaw and the features of the patient’s oral cavity
  • The ability to remove the prosthesis, if necessary. But this does not have to be done often, since the comfort of using removable dentures is guaranteed by the doctors of our clinic.

But this prosthetics is also different - the choice of prosthesis design depends on the number of the patient’s own teeth and, of course, his wishes. Can choose:

  • Complete plate-type dentures that are recommended for use with the loss of all teeth on the upper, lower, or both jaws
  • Clasp prosthesis. It is considered the best way of prosthetics for partial loss of teeth, as it is conveniently attached, evenly distributes the load during chewing movements and is almost invisible
  • Partially removable dentures. The name speaks for itself - they, like clasp ones, make up for the absence of a small number of teeth, but at the same time have a different design and mount

Are you surprised that any problem (both partial and complete absence of teeth) can be solved simply and as individually as possible? That's not all - when you contact our clinic SNK DENTISTRY (on Timiryazevskaya) you will find attention and comfort, as well as solutions that are right for you.

We know how to make your smile perfect. Your health is in our competence!

Removing the stamped crown 500 rubles
Removing an all-cast, cermet, metal-plastic crown 1000 rubles
Removing the zirconium crown 1,500 rubles
Fixing to glass-resin cement (1 unit) 500 rubles
Fixation to Fuji plus glass-fiber cement 700 rubles
Fixation to composite cement (1 unit) 1,500 rubles
Phosphate cement fixation 350 rubles
Temp Bond A temporary cement fixation 300 rubles
Application of optogate during adhesive fixation of an orthopedic structure or placement of a seal 300 rubles
Alginate impression 500 rubles
Impression two-layer A-silicone 2,000 rubles
Functional Impression 2,000 rubles
Impression two-layer C-silicone 1,500 rubles
Production of a model from super gypsum (in the clinic) 500 rubles
Production of a diagnostic model of gypsum (in the clinic) 300 rubles
Production of a wax base with occlusal rollers (1 unit) 1000 rubles
Getting the silicone bite block (key) 300 rubles
Selective grinding of teeth in order to optimize occlusal relationships in the manufacture of orthopedic structures (1 unit) 200 rubles
Removable dentures
Removable plastic prosthesis with 1-2 teeth 10,000 rubles
Partial removable-laminar denture for more than 2 teeth 18,000 rubles
Complete denture made of plastic with 14 teeth on the upper jaw 25,000 rubles
Full denture made of plastic with 14 teeth on the lower jaw 27,000 rubles
Relaxation (uncoupling) tire with a plastic base and 2 clasps, taking into account correction and control of treatment for up to three months 12,000 rubles
Clinic plastic protective plate 4000 rubles
Relocation of a removable denture in the laboratory 5000 rubles
Reinforcement of a removable prosthesis at the manufacturing stage (plus the cost of the prosthesis) 4000 rubles
Silicone lining 5000 rubles
Replacing the sleeve of the lock of the removable prosthesis in the clinic (without the cost of the sleeve) 1,500 rubles
Immediate prosthesis (in addition to the price of the corresponding removable plastic plate prosthesis) 2,000 rubles
Kappa for teeth whitening on 1 jaw 5100 rub.
Cover removable prosthesis, spherical system 35,000 rubles
Flexy-Nylon nylon prosthesis 40,000 rub.
Partial nylon prosthesis Flexy-Nylon 1-3 teeth 15,000 rubles
Clasp dentures
Clasp prosthesis (simple) 45,000 rubles
Clasp prosthesis splinting 55,000 rubles
Clasp prosthesis with locks "Bredent" 50,000 rub.
Clasp prosthesis Quatrotti 38,000 rubles
Removable implant-based prosthetics
Conditionally removable covering beam prosthesis with support on implants with MK-1 locks 170,000 rubles
Conditionally removable milled prosthesis with support on zirconia implants 210,000 rubles
Snap-on cover prosthesis with support for 2 implants 56,000 rubles
Fixed prostheses
Gum retraction (with retraction floss) in the area of ​​1 tooth 500 rubles
Dentin sealing of the prepared vital tooth 350 rubles
Temporary crown (facet) plastic, (kappa) made in the laboratory for 1 unit CAD | CAM 2100 rub.
Temporary crown (facet) plastic, (kappa) made in the laboratory for long-term wear (up to 2 years) for 1 unit CAD | CAM 3000 rubles
Temporary crown (facet) plastic, (kappa) made in the laboratory with support on the implant for 1 unit CAD | CAM 2500 rubles
Temporary crown (facet) plastic (kappa) made in the clinic in a matrix manner for 1 unit. 1000 rubles
Temporary composite crown (kappa) 1 unit made in the clinic in a matrix way 2,000 rubles
Wax Planning (WAX-UP) 1 unit 700 rubles
Relocation of the temporary crown (mouthguard) 1 unit. 250 rubles
Stump tab with solid cast pin made in a direct way 5500 rub.
Stump tab with solid cast pin, indirectly manufactured 7000 rubles
Stump tab with pin made of zirconia 10,000 rubles
Stump tab with a pin made of precious metals (silver-palladium alloy) 9000 rubles
One-piece pin-stump collapsible tab 8000 rub.
Cast crown (or cast tooth) made of cobalt-chrome alloy 6000 rubles
Ceramic-metal crown or tooth (facet) based on base metal alloys 12,000 rubles
Cermet (facet) cermet during prosthetics on implants for 1 unit (without abutment cost) 24,000 rubles
Ceramic-metal crown with transocclusion fixation for prosthetics on implants for 1 unit (without abutment cost) 26,000 rubles
Ceramic-metal crown with shoulder, gingival mass based on base metal alloys 14,000 rubles
Crown, veneer, tab made by metal-free technology E-MAX 20,000 rub.
Crown, inlay, metal prostheses based on zirconium dioxide-free technologies 26,000 rubles
Crown, tab, metal-free prostheses based on zirconia based on implant 35,000 rubles
Repairing dentures
Clinic prosthesis correction 1000 rubles
Clinic restoration of a ceramic cladding or facet with a light curing composite material (1 unit) 3500 rub.
Repairing a removable plastic plate denture (crack, fracture) 4,500 rubles
Replacing or installing in the prosthesis 1 additional tooth made of plastic or clasp 4,500 rubles
Relocation of the base of a removable prosthesis made of plastic in the clinic 4000 rubles
Repair, relocation of the prosthesis from Flexy-Nylon 9000 rubles
Welding or replacing 1 tooth with Flexy-Nylon prosthesis 5000 rubles
Working with a personal articulator
Setting the position of the upper jaw in the articulator using the front arch and adjusting the articulator to an individual function using silicone occlusal rollers 6500 rub.
Formation of an extraoral registrar in the articulator for recording movements of the lower jaw on the occlusal surfaces of models placed in the articulator 1,500 rubles
Registration of the central ratio of the jaws using the intraoral functiograph or AOCO 5000 rubles
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