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Initial inspection

СНК Стоматология

Inspection by the dentist is a mandatory procedure before starting treatment of teeth and oralcavities. The procedure allows us to identify the disease, the severity and related disorders, obtain the necessary information for diagnosis, and finally to draw up a treatment plan.

The initial consultation with the dentist is free of charge and is carried out at the SNK clinic dentistry. It is necessary to assess the general condition of the patient and identify diseases of the oral cavity, which is necessary to draw up a treatment plan. At the initial examination of the dentist, the following procedures are performed:

  • Dental examination - helps to identify caries and pathologies of hard tissues of non-carious origin.
  • Examination of the oral cavity - necessary to identify pathologies of the soft tissues.
  • Clarification of the type and state of occlusion - helps to find out which teeth are positioned incorrectly.
  • Determination of the hygienic condition of periodontal disease - helps to determine the quantity and quality of dental plaque.

Secondary reception includes the following procedures:

  • Examination of teeth and oral cavity.
  • Hygiene control.
  • Check for carious cavities.
  • X-ray control of previous treatment.
  • Hygiene training and disease prevention guidelines.

Dentist Examination Results

According to the results of the examination, the doctor draws up a treatment plan. It clearly outlines all the procedures necessary to eliminate the disease. The preliminary terms of treatment and its cost are also specified.

Inspection Techniques

The primary and secondary inspection includes two main methods:

  • Instrumental - using dental instruments
  • Hardware - using digital technology (computed tomography, radiovisiography).
Initial examination, medical history and registration of an outpatient card by a specialist doctor 500 rubles
Consultation of a professor or doctor of medical sciences 2500 rubles
Assistant Professor's Consultation 2,000 rubles
Consultation of a candidate of medical sciences 1,500 rubles
Doctor consultation 1000 rubles
Diagnostics 300 rubles
Application (gel) 200 rubles
Infiltration anesthesia 500 rubles
Conduction Anesthesia 800 rubles
Intravenous Premediation 2,000 rubles
Using OptraGat 250 rubles
Using OptraDam 450 rubles
Laser 200 rubles
Specialist examination 250 rubles
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