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Oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is a complex of procedures during which plaque, stony deposits are eliminated and the development of caries is prevented. This process is important for both children and adults, because a beautiful smile is the key to your success.

Types of procedures:

  • Ultrasonic removal. As a result of exposure to high-frequency waves, deposits on the teeth are destroyed, as well as under them in the gum area.
  • Cleaning using Air-Flow. A mixture with particles of soda and lemon juice enters the surface under air pressure, washing out the coating and the deferred.
  • Polishing with special dental equipment (creates a smooth surface to reduce the number of germs)
  • Saturation of teeth with fluorine elements.

The main factors in the occurrence of the disease are bad habits, foods high in sugar, not proper hygiene procedures.

Professional brushing should be carried out 1-2 times a year in a clinical setting. In the process, a specialist will explain the rules of hygiene and the types of home techniques.

Oral hygiene
Training in oral hygiene 500 rub.
Professional oral hygiene for periodontal diseases (complex treatment) 12000 rub.
Professional oral hygiene 8000 rub.
Professional hygiene (ultrasonic cleaning, mechanical - 1 tooth) 300 rub.
Professional oral hygiene Air-Flow - 1 tooth 250 rub.
Professional hygiene of dentures based on implants (1 implant) 500 rub.
Comprehensive professional oral hygiene 5500 rub.
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