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Children's Dentists

In our clinic, we are pleased to provide you with the services of children's dentists.

Pediatric dentistry is a very difficult job, because working with small patients is sometimes more difficult than working with adults. A pediatric dentist is required not only to have a large arsenal of knowledge, but also to find an approach to the child. Children in general are afraid of dentists, so proper procedures and contact ensure a successful treatment result.

The tasks of the children's dentist:

  • Teaching basic oral hygiene skills
  • Implementation of preventive procedures for the proper development and formation of teeth
  • Creating the conditions for the formation of a healthy bite
  • Prevention and treatment of decay of deciduous teeth
  • Prevention and treatment of periodontal and dental pulp diseases
  • Correction of pathologies of the maxillofacial apparatus


Due to the fact that pediatric dentistry is mainly aimed at prevention, there are recommendations for admission from a specialist.

  • For the first time at nine months of age
  • Second in a year and a half
  • For the third time in two years

Further it is worth at least once a year observed by the dentist, for the proper development and formation of your child’s teeth

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