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Children's dentistry


SNK Dentistry Clinic positions itself as a family clinic, therefore we pay special attention to the treatment of teeth of all family members, the prevention of dental diseases from an early age, as well as educating parents about children's dental health.

Our clinic for children offers

  • Prevention
  • Therapy
  • Orthodontics
  • Surgery

Children's health, the health of their dentition, and as a result of their success in life - in your hands - in the hands of parents! It is important to bring your child to a pediatric dentist, and our doctor will tell you and tell you what to look for in the development of the correct bite of your child early prevention and prevention of caries and its complications.

One of the new methods that are used in the SNK Dentistry clinic (on Timiryazevskaya) is the “silicone key” technique for removing hidden caries. Especially often it occurs on contact surfaces in adolescence. The technique involves removing the silicone impression, cleaning and preparing the tooth, filling and pressing the filling with the impression. Thanks to this, the chewing surface is restored.

In addition to solving medical problems, a pediatric dentist should also be a psychologist, because it’s not at all easy to keep a small patient on the chair. The doctor must establish contact with the child, conduct all procedures in a playful way so that the baby does not feel fear.

Certified specialists in pediatric dentistry at the SNK STOMATOLOGY clinic will provide highly professional assistance to your children, their health is in our competence!

Reception of the children's dentist general practitioner 200 rubles
Oral hygiene training with diagnostic staining 500 rubles
Psychological preparation of the patient (child) for treatment 500 rubles
Remineralizing therapy (all teeth - 1 session) 1000 rubles
Deep fluoridation (of all teeth - 1 session) 1300 rub.
Conducting professional hygiene with cleaning and polishing pastes (all teeth - 1 session) 1000 rubles
Ultrasound dental scaling, polishing with pastes 1,500 rubles
Comprehensive professional hygienic toothbrushing (AIR FLOW, ultrasound, polishing pastes and fluoride varnish coatings) 2500 rubles
Removing soft plaque with brush and paste (1 tooth) 100 rubles
Ultrasound and Paste 120 rubles
External Whitening (1 tooth) 500 rubles
In-channel bleaching (1 tooth) without taking into account the cost of temporary fillings 1000 rubles
Impregnation of the affected area of ​​enamel with 30% silver nitrate solution of all teeth 550 rubles
One-jaw mouthguard 4,500 rubles
Surgical technique
Application gel anesthesia 200 rubles
Infiltration anesthesia 450 rubles
Conduction Anesthesia 500 rubles
Removal of a temporary (milk) tooth 1000 rubles
Removing the old seal 470 rubles
Preparation of the cavity in the temporary (milk) tooth 150 rub.
Preparation of the cavity in the permanent tooth 300 rubles
Amputation 600 rubles
Light filling on a temporary (milk) tooth 2,000 rubles
Treatment pad made of calcium-containing material 500 rubles
Fuji Insulation Strip, Filtek Flow 500 rubles
Superficial caries 2,000 rubles
Non-invasive fissure sealing technique 1600 rub.
Invasive fissure sealing technique 2,000 rubles
Fuji Seal 1600 rub.
Filtek single surface 3250 rub.
Filtek two surfaces 4000 rubles
Filtek three surfaces 4,500 rubles
Devitalization of "Ars" paste 350 rubles
Address: Dmitrovskoe shosse, 7, bldg. 2
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