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Dental restoration

What is meant by restoration?

This is the restoration of the former appearance and functionality of partially destroyed teeth. Artistic, aesthetic, cosmetic restoration of teeth - these terms mean the same procedures. Several features of this technique can be distinguished.

The main goal is to restore the shape and natural color of the restored tooth.

Aesthetic restoration of teeth is carried out with a special material that imitates natural enamel - its color, density and even transparency.

During dental procedures, the patient experiences minimal discomfort - there are practically no pain. But in some cases, anesthesia is still used. For example, with increased sensitivity or low pain threshold.

The cost of the procedure compared to prosthetics is much lower. On average, the price of dental restoration in dentistry appears in the range from 5 to 10 thousand rubles. Due to the obvious advantages of tooth restoration over other methods, it is now very popular.

Indications for the procedure

The dentist can recommend doing a tooth restoration in different cases. Usually these are minor damages that are restored without using more radical methods:

  • Minor change in position in a row;
  • Recovery of size, color, shape as a result of mechanical damage;
  • After treatment of carious lesions to give aesthetics;
  • With severe pigmentation and darkening on enamel.
Light-cured composites, imported materials
Enamel caries, dentin (one surface) 3600 rub.
Caries of enamel, dentin (two surfaces) 4400 rub.
Dental caries (two or more surfaces) 5000 rub.
Aesthetic restoration of the tooth 5600 rub.
Production of veneer, direct method 8000 rub.
Production of veneer, direct method 8000 rub.
Polishing fillings as an independent procedure 300 rub.
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