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Teeth Whitening

Today, teeth whitening is very popular. A snow-white smile attracts attention, gives self-confidence and improves the quality of life in general. Initially, the teeth do not have a perfect white color. If they are healthy, then there will be a yellowish or grayish tint. Moreover, teeth are prone to darkening due to the use of various foods, colored drinks and nicotine.

Professional teeth whitening in the clinic "SNK Dentistry" is the best way to make your smile dazzlingly white. In our arsenal that provide excellent results and do not traumatize tooth enamel, teeth whitening methods:

  • Chemical (Opalescence Boost, Yotuel)
  • Photobleaching (ZOOM, Beyond, Beverly Hills)

Given the general condition of the oral cavity, the desired shade of the teeth, the ability to use the whitening system at home, our doctors will help you choose the best method for you. Modern whitening compositions are most gentle on enamel !!!!!

Planning for implant treatment
Oral Hygiene Training 500 rubles
Professional hygiene (ultrasonic cleaning, mechanical - 1 tooth) 300 rubles
Professional oral hygiene Air-Flow - 1 tooth 250 rubles
Professional hygiene of dentures based on implants (1 implant) 500 rubles
Comprehensive professional oral hygiene 5500 rub.
Whitening (1 tooth) using a Zoom lamp (without cost of material) 1200 rub.
Chemical whitening "Opalecsence" 11500 rub.
Internal chemical whitening (1 tooth), without the cost of temporary and permanent fillings 1,500 rubles
The use of remineralizing and fluorine-containing drugs of foreign production (1 tooth) 800 rubles
Deep fluoridation of 1 tooth with imported drugs 500 rubles
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